About Us: VITA is an IRS certified program that is free for anyone in the Lincoln community. If you have worked in the United States in the past year, you are welcome to file your taxes at one of our sites. To learn more call 402-472-9638.

VITA Services

  • File Federal Income Tax Forms, or Form 1040
  • File State Income Tax Forms, in Nebraska Form 1040N
        (PLEASE NOTE: We can complete other state tax returns as well.)
  • Amend Current Year and Past 2 Years Tax Forms
  • File Back Taxes and Previous Years Tax Returns
        (PLEASE NOTE: In order to file for previous years, we will need all tax related documents, if you are missing some documents you can request them from the IRS at
PLEASE NOTE: The scope of work that can be done within the VITA site is defined by the IRS. If your return is considered “out of scope” for this site, our VITA volunteers will not be able to prepare your return. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • CANNOT prepare the return if a Depreciation schedule is required or a Schedule F (Farm) is required.
  • CANNOT Prepare the return if self-employment or home-based business:
        Has a net loss
        Has more than $10,000 in expenses
        Has self-employed, SEP, SIMPLE, or qualified retirement plans
        Has employees
  • CANNOT prepare a return with casualty or theft losses.
  • MAY be able to prepare a return with Schedule E (rental income) or Schedule K-1 (partnership or trust income)
  • MAY be able to prepare a return with income from dividends, capital gains, or minimal brokerage transactions.
  • MAY be able to prepare the return if it involves a current bankruptcy.
  • NOT all sites prepare multiple state returns.

What to Bring to Have Your Taxes Prepared

  • Social Security Cards or ITIN Letters for EVERYONE who will be included on the return
  • Photo ID for ALL tax return signers (BOTH spouse's if filing jointly)
  • Verification of health insurance (1095 A, B, or C)
  • W-2s for wages, W-2Gs for gambling income
  • 1099s for interest, dividends, unemployment, state tax refunds, pension or 401-K distributions, and other income.
  • Records of revenue from self-employment or home-based businesses
  • 1098s for mortgage interest, student loan interest (1098-E), or tuition (1098-T), statement of property tax paid.
  • Statement of college student account showing all charges and payments for each student on the return.
  • Childcare receipts, including tax ID and address for childcare provider
  • Records of expenses for self-employment or home-based businesses
  • Checking or Savings Account information for direct deposit/direct debit.
  • Last year’s tax return.
To make an appointment: Call 402-472-9638 to get your 2016 tax return completed.


  • How long will my tax return take?
        Our goal is to complete and file every tax return within an hour, this is dependent on the documents provided by the tax client, the number of volunteers, and the complexity of your tax return.
  • Do I need to make an appointment?
        Yes, you do need to make an appointment! You can schedule a time by calling the number attached to the site you would like to visit.
  • When can I go to get my return done?
        We start preparing tax returns in late January, and continue past the tax deadline, so you can schedule an appointment as soon as you have all the documents needed.
  • How long after I file my return can I expect to receive my refund?
        If we file electronically, the direct deposit of your refund should be processed in three weeks. A paper return may take 4-6 weeks before your refund is issued. These times may be longer when the IRS is busier than usual. PLEASE NOTE: If you file in January and qualify for Earned Income Credit or Child Tax Credit, your refund will not be issued until February 15 at the earliest.


  • Nebraska East Union
    35th and Holdrege Streets
  • Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center
    1505 ‘S’ Street
  • Anderson Library
    3635 Touzalin Ave
  • Eiseley Library
    1530 Superior St
  • Bennett Martin Library
    14th and ‘N’ St
  • Center for People in Need
    3901 N 27th, Unit 1
  • Asian Community and Cultural Center
    144 North 44 Suite A
  • Good Neighbor Center
    2617 ‘Y’ St
  • Indian Center
    1100 Military Road


To make an appointment for the 2016 Tax Year, please call 402-472-9638. Currently, Tax appointments can be made for Monday and Friday afternoons from 1:00-4:00 PM. The 2017 Tax Year schedule is not yet posted